1.Is this space heater safe to leave on at night?
Yes. It comes with added safety features, including tip-over protection, overheat protection, flame retardant material, and ETL certification.

2.Are space heaters more energy efficient?
Generally speaking, it's more efficient to run space heaters than the central heating system if there are only a few rooms needed to be heated.

3.Are space heaters safe?
The answer is yes. Safety issues arise only when space heaters aren't used properly or in a safe manner.
Please follow the safety protocols below:
1. Operate a space heater far from flammable items
2. Do not Run space heaters unattended
3. Keep children away from the space heater
4. Use the space heater on a flat surface

4.How to clean this space heater?
This space heater is equipped with a dust filter, which is detachable for easy maintenance and cleaning.